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Dorough Lupus Foundation

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Submitted by camila from ASUNCION ASUNCION,PY Paraguay
Date: Tue Sep 2 03:18:53 2003

hello, I am looking for fans of bsb ,aaron c.that it lives in Melbourne, I am living now in kensigton, I do not speak much English, but try, also desire to make friends but I do not know anybody.Please write me!!!!!!! i am 4 month more in Melbourne then i am back to Paraguay.

my e-mail are: camilavale@hotmail.com

Submitted by ema from Japan
Date: Tue Sep 2 00:16:56 2003

It's ema again.how r u??are you still in Japan?
Well,my add was wrong.so I posted again here my add.sorry!
See ya.

Submitted by heloisa from s.p ., brazil brazil Brazil
Date: Sat Aug 30 22:06:52 2003

polly , vc canta muitoo!!!! você não tem noção de como eu gostei da sua voz , você é linda!
saiba que você ganhou uma nova fã : eu

beijos de alguem que gostou muito de você

by: lolokynha

Submitted by ema from Japan
Date: Sat Aug 30 07:49:26 2003

Hey Pollyanna!!!
How r u doin?How was Japan?hope you really enjoyed Tokyo.
As you can see,I'm Japanese girl.and I went to see Drough Lupus Foundation today.
And now I got to tell you,it was hella COOL!!Thanx so much!!!
It was VERY FIRST time I saw you and Howie so close.now I'm so happy 'bout that!
I loved to see your performances.I liked "WE'LL MEET AGAIN" and "FLY TO HEAVEN".great song!!
And of course,Howie was soooo nice!and his new song was really beautiful song.I can't wait to hear his solo albam.
Okay,I hope you guys will back soon again,p/z come back to Japan!!!!

Submitted by Celeste from North Hollywood California USA
Date: Thu Aug 28 00:24:24 2003

Hey Polly! I hope you are doing great. I just want to let you know that you still have tons of peeps supporting you all the way here in Los Angeles. And like what I've mentioned before, you should really consider starting your own clothing line, coz your style rocks! Hope you're having a blast in Japan with your family. By the way, when are you going to do another song with Howie? Oh yeah, please greet him BELATED 30th (Happy) Birthday! Well, take care always and we'll be here to support you continuously. Take care! Arigato and Sayonara....don't eat too much sushi! HAHAHA
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