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Pollyanna's CD signing/ Howie's Birthday Party Review

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Pollyanna's CD signing/ Howie's Birthday Party Review
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WOW.... where to begin?!

Such a beautiful night to have a CD signing. The weather in Florida was actually kind
of cool. When I say, "cool" I mean, minus the humidity. I showed up to BORDERS around 6:30pm and the parking was insane!! I drove by the front of the store and
I could see a line formed in the cafe' area of the store. I was so happy to see that!
I could tell that this signing was a success already.

After parking in another stores parking lot, I walked into BORDERS and went straight to back of the line. There was plenty of advertizing around the store for Pollyanna's CD Signing. I was happy about that. In the line, Pollyanna Street Teamers, Sheila and Sara were hard at work filling out orders for Pollyanna's CDs. It seemed like everyone in line was buying one, two, I even saw someone buy, what looked like 7? I know Pollyanna did really well. :) So, I bought a CD for one of my friends birthday gifts.

While I was waiting in line, I looked around the crowd and saw Mama D. sitting in a chair in front of the signing table. Johnny was there with his wife/girlfriend (sorry, not sure which)...by the way, she is VERY pregnant. Bless her heart, I wish her a very healthy, speedy delivery. ;) Howie and Pollyanna were busy signing CDs and actually taking alot of time talking with everyone, taking pictures, very nice. So many hugs and kisses, pictures and gifts. I didn't mind the line moving slowly because I knew that when I got up to them, I would have some time to talk to them.

Howie had several birthday balloons floating behind him, Pollyanna and Howie both had several gifts behind them as well. At one time, I saw Pollyanna look at the line and say something like, "there's still a long line!" I was so happy about that because I know that so many people will hear her music. I saw familiar faces and lots of NEW faces!! I had three people ask me about what was going on and they were very interested and I believe a couple of them got CDs.

When I got to Howie and Pollyanna. I had a list of things to tell them, (thanks to all of you! LOL) I gave Howie his birthday gift from Nikki. I printed out pictures of everyone who wanted me to tell them something or give them something. I didn't want to tell them, "so and so told me to tell you hi...this is from so and so..." because I know they must see and meet so many people that they would be like, "who?" lol-- so I printed out Nikki's picture and put it on the box. I said, "Howie, this is a birthday gift from Nikki." He looked at the picture and said, "Okay, yeah! Thank You!"

Next, I gave Pollyanna a, "Hope, Love, Peace" bracelet. I also gave Howie a birthday card from me that said, "Party Up, Party Down, Party over Here, Party over there, party in your underwear!"-- and when he opened it, I had a picture of him when he was passing the Olympic Torch and the birthday card sang, "Word Up!" (80's tune) He laughed at that!! Then, I gave Pollyanna a gift for sweet Oscar. (her doggie) It was a recliner doggie bed. It looks like a human couch and it folds out into a recliner bed. ((Hugs for Oscar))

I hugged Pollyanna and she signed a CD for me to my friend. I then pulled out more pictures that I printed on the computer and did my list of hellos for them. --I showed Howie a picture of Jan and said, "Jan say's Happy Birthday!!" He asked how you were Jan, and said, "Hello" back to you. ;) I showed them a picture of Su, and told them about how she was in the hospital and they both knew who, what I was talking about and wish You well Su!! Actually, they already knew about You Su! I also had your phone number on the bottom of the picture. I showed them a picture of Wynter, and told them about her Father and how Pollyanna's CD is giving her comfort at this time and they both give condolences. Pollyanna said, "You're keeping me updated! Thanks!"

As you can see, we all had quality time with them. No new cruise news, sorry guys. The CD signing was a HUGE success in my eyes. There was also a donation box on the table that people were dropping money into. Pollyanna's Music was playing in the background. Great event!

The signing went over actually! At the end, the store manager had Howie and Pollyanna sign a flyer for the store. Very cool. Very cool time! After the signing, Howie and Pollyanna went outside to do some interviews with the press (pictures and reporters, no video).

Then, everyone was OFF TO TABU!!!!!

This was my first time going to TABU...wow, what can be said about Tabu....WOW! We got into VIP and the club was a full house! There were balloons in one area of VIP with a velvet rope seperating that section. After a few drinks, we saw the Doroughs come into the club. We were in a area where we could look down on the hallway where people come into VIP, it's a glass wall, so we could see clearly. First comes Johnny and we knew Howie and Pollyanna weren't far behind. Pollyanna came in with some family/friends, she didn't see us because she was talking to alot of people. Howie came in after Pollyanna and looked up at us, he said, "Hey! Glad you could come!"
he raised his hand and gave us a HIGH 5!!!!! I love that guy! lmao I high fived Howie and said, "Happy Happy Birthday Howie!!"

There was dancing, drinking, and birthday cake. We walked over to Howie's Section every now and then and you could see clearly into that area, but the guard was VERY strict about only letting in friends and family. Not in a mean way, it was very crowded there already. Such a nice time! Howie looked stunning, like only he can in jeans and t-shirts!! Pollyanna was radiant! She had on such a beautiful white shirt that looked like an open rose on the bottom.

No other celebs were spotted at the club. No drama to report. lol
It was just a smooth signing, a smooth birthday party...we went home at 3am!!!! Pollyanna Dorough, Howie Dorough, Thanks for the Memories!! ((hugs my Tabu Crew- Sheila, Her sister, Alyssa, Chris, Marco)) I had a GREAT Time!! "ABSOLUTE"-ly! ;)


pictures up on my space soon! (hopefully tonight)
I'm also going to upload video too!!
(gotta go!)

....and I'm doing this for BEADS?!
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Okkk what can I say? I'm just sooo happy for all you guys but specially I'm sooo happy for Pollyanna. I'm sure that she had a blast with all you!

Laura you know how much I love all your reviews!!!!

Hugs to everyone!


šIvonne Obleaš

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Laura, hey girl I am so glad u had so much fun! Pollyanna Smilie

Thank you kevin for 13 years of love, best of luck to you!
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Joined: 11 Jul 2006
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Hey guys, thanks for reading!! Pollyanna Smilie

....and I'm doing this for BEADS?!
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