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Post UPDATED ON MYSELF (CATHY) Reply with quote
Hello Everyone, Well I wanted to let everyone know how I was doing with my lupus at this time and it's not good. We my parents got back from visiting my older
other Chuck who lives Las Vegas NV, they had to take me to the ER which I had ever test ran on me you name it I had it done..Everything came out find but the only showed and it was good it was WBC (White Blood Cells) were at a high count and my RBC (Red Blood Cells) are low which meant to the ER Doctor was that my Lupus is very activity right now and that's why I'm having my chest pains,body aches, and etc....He told do anything I could do to keep my mind off me feel restless and tried and sick and I told him how I was planning my 2nd Annual DLF Bowl-a-thon and he told me that was wonderful he wants me stay busy but at the same time rest when I need to...Seen I can't see the doctors I need to see that speicalize is Lupus just to take easy and rest and I have been doing that...He also do what
ought really bad flare-up was STRESS DUE SOME TO FAMILY BUT MOSTLY DUE TO PEOPLE THAT CALLED THEMSELFS MY FRIEND!!!!!!!!My ER Doctor also told me try not to let it go me on what I hear this person says about me and keep my mind on my event that I'm doing for DLF and forget those other people but it's hard because it HURTS!!!!...So right now I'm just working on my event when I don't feel to tried and resting when I need to...The Doctors have told me if I continue on stressing on things I will be lucky to see my 30th birthday or even my 35th...He also told me I need time away from everything....The reason they have told me that is my lupus is affect my muscles around my heart and that's why I get bad chest pains and there will could be time that I won't leave hospital and that does scare me because alot of things I still want to do...It doesn't scare me to die because I'll see my best friend Richard, Great Grandmother and Grandfather, Tio Chris, Nina Irene, and My Grandfather Pacho who just passed that I miss with all my heart..But I do have friends and family taking care of me and trying to make sure I get rest so I can get over this flare-up because there are days I feel I can do anything and then like today I feel like I was just by car and hurt all over...All I ask is that you keep me in your thoughts and prayers...So I'll feel better for my event July because to tell you the truth doing these event makes me feel like I make some kind a differnce and they may not find a crue today,or tomorrow or year from now but ONE DAY!!! they will if I am not here to see it's ok because I'll help in anyway I could to get us there. So when the time does comes just remember I did everthing I wanted to do in life and I did loveing it...I love all people that Love me for me and didn't judge me and didn't make feel less then nothing because believe me there are some people that did or I should say person...People that read this you can rolling your eyes I wish you could walk a mile in my shoes and feel what I feel on daily base then maybe you understand but then again you probly wouldn't care...I would never use my illness to get anything and if you believe that then you don't know me and you are just hateful person and very unhappy one at that and I don't need that in my life because like everyone else we don't know what tomorrow will
ing but as for if I keep stressing the way I do there might not be tomorrow and maybe that would make you happy and that person knows who she is...All I can say to all people that are there for me, just to listen or just see how I am feeling THANK YOU!!!!!! If anything was to ever happen to me I want you guys to read this poem and know this was me and know I did everything I was set out to do..Don't take this as me giving up because believe I am not I just wanted to point out that I'm person who has feelings and hurts just like the rest...But believe me when I start feeling better I'll be partying and bowling with Pollyanna and the rest of you in July and year after and after that!!! Here is the poem:


If while pursuing distant dreams Your
ight hopes turn to gray, Don't wait for reasurring words Or hands to lead the way For seldom will you find a soul With dreams the same as yours Not often will another help you Pass through untried doors. If inner forces uger you To takea course unknown, Be ready to go all the way, Yes, all the way alone. That's not to say you shouldn't Draw lessons from the best; Just don't depend on lauding words To spur you on your quest. Find confidence within you heart And let it be your guide. Strive ever harder towards your dreams And they won't be denied... By Bruce D. Wilmer

Thanks for taking time to read this because this is something that I had to say...Take care and god bless

Cathy Hernandez


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Post Re: UPDATED ON MYSELF (CATHY) Reply with quote
thanks for letting us know how you are doing. we love you. *HUGS*

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Post Re: UPDATED ON MYSELF (CATHY) Reply with quote
Hi Cathy! Sorry to hear about your Lupus. My prayers are with you & hope you get better soon. Hugs to you & hope your Lupus event does well. I know I haven't kept in touch with you but I haven't forgotten about you. Things have just been so hectic for me with work, almost losing my grandma & other things as well as meeting Howie again last month in Chicago at the DLF Brunch. That was awesome.


P.S. I don't come to this board too often but I know I should more. I know I'm bad. i/i
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Post Re: Reply with quote
Cathy, keep your head up and don't worry about the person(s) who make you feel worthless. Also, don't worry about people reading your messages and rolling their eyes, because as you said, they don't know what it's like to be you, and if they don't like it, they shouldn't read it. You keep reaching out and expressing what's in your heart. Even though I don't talk to you or come on here often, I'll still pray for you and your health, because that's how I am. I care about people, even those I've never met and don't know, sometimes even those who act hatefully towards me. I sincerely hope your charity event goes well next month, and I have to say that I admire your strides to help find a cure for lupus. You could just be inactive and feel sorry for yourself, but you're not doing that. You're really trying to make a difference. So much kudos to you for that! As I said before, keep your head up, and as Bruce Springsteen once said: "Don't let the bas***** get you down!" (I hope that wasn't too harsh, lol). Take care, dear!

-Terri i/i
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Post Re: Re: Reply with quote
You will be in our prayers Cathy i/i

Lots of Love

The Dorough Family
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Post Re: Re: Reply with quote
and now.....

You are a couragous person my friend. I admire you for so many reasons and and proud of you for finding strength in that poem. For everyone one person who doesn't "like" you, there are 100 more that do. Focus on those people.

Don't forget to take time to just....

Love Ufrien!!


ps: see you in July!! i/i
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Post Re: Re: Reply with quote
That is so so true. When you think of the many people who do like you, that one person starts to pale in comparison.

-Terri i/i
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Pollyanna Dorough

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Post Get well soon Reply with quote
Hey Cathy,

I hope you feel better soon. My prayers are with you. I'll see you in July!

Take care & God bless you,

Pollyanna i/i
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Post Re: Get well soon Reply with quote
Feel better soon Cathy please get some rest and keep us updated on how you are doing.

Jennifer. i/i

Jack Sparrow (empties bottle of rum) Why is the rum always gone?
Jack Sparrow: (stands up and staggers drunkenly) Oh... that's why.

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